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Welcome to better healthcare for you and your family.

Remedy Health Direct Care is a coordinated team of providers dedicated to making healthcare extremely accessible and simple. We provide an all-in membership for our patients to meet their most common healthcare needs.

A team of providers always working for you.

We’re a Tulsa-based team of providers dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare experience for each of our patients. With keen insight into a broken industry, and separate practices thriving across the Tulsa metro, we joined forces to elevate the experience for our patients. We connected the dots and realized that together we could provide more and better care for our patients, with a top-notch customer service experience that’s almost unheard of in healthcare. We each have established and robust practices in Tulsa, and now, together, we offer our patients an all-in healthcare membership that’s simply a gamechanger.

One big thing:
our patients.

Insurance isn’t healthcare. Healthcare is healthcare. Some of us have never known a healthcare experience that wasn’t dictated by an insurance company. Isn’t that a funny thing? After spending years as providers in the traditional models of care, we understood the limitations and logjams patients must navigate to get care. That dynamic combined with unmanageable patient volumes and providers under pressure creates tough situations for patients and providers alike. We decided to create a membership that allowed us to dedicate our full time and and attention to our patients, and give our patients the healthcare experience they’ve been missing all along.


We specialize in
the wow-factor.

A lot of us are frustrated, worn-out, and busy. We’ve dealt with a less-than-great system of getting our healthcare needs met for far too long. We don’t need another ‘healthcare solution’, we need someone to guide us toward a better way of doing things. And we want to do it on our terms, at a price that makes sense, and without any ‘gotchas’ or surprises along the way.

With Remedy Health, it’s simple. Your doctors are standing by all the time. We’re ready and available to help with big issues and small concerns along the way. We charge one flat fee each month, and anything extra is provided to you at wholesale. Gone are the days of being tied to a system designed to prioritize everything but you. Start here.


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“I kept looking for the catch but there wasn't any.”

They are priced so low I thought they were joking. I kept looking for the catch but there wasn’t any. I have referred people to them who had the exact same great experience.


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